Currency Exchanges opening times in London

In the London of 5 Branches, 2 companies. The biggest: Tesco Extra (4 branches) and Tesco Superstore (1 branch).

Ovo to launch 'half-price' electric vehicle charging tariff [26 01 2021 07:57:54]

New Drive Anytime rate bids to mirror rivals’ off-peak tariff with savings of 60% a year, supplier claimsOvo Energy plans to launch an electric vehicle charging tariff, at half the usual price, to compete with typical off-peak rates even when electricity demand is at its highest.The UK’s second-largest energy supplier will set the tariff at a flat rate of 6p per kilowatt-hour no matter what time of day their customers choose to charge their vehicle, in direct competition with suppliers which offer cut-price charging during set hours overnight. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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