Electricals opening times in London

In the London of 520 Stores, 26 companies. The biggest: Ee Phones (79 stores), Pioneer (58 stores), Zanussi (55 stores), Sony (39 stores) and Vodafone (38 stores).

TechScape: could a router revolution solve all your wifi woes? [27 10 2021 11:43:35]

Up for discussion in the Guardian tech newsletter: People spend thousands on TVs and laptops – but not £200 to supercharge their internet speedDon’t get TechScape delivered to your inbox? Sign up hereWhen was the last time you thought about your wifi network? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably “the last time it broke”. Internet access, like electricity or clean water, is one of those modern conveniences that is so fundamental to daily life that, when it’s working as it should, it blends into the background of our lives.But where our houses are wired up by a qualified electrician, and plumbed by a professional plumber, our approach to internet access is rather more scattershot. For the vast majority of Britons, we move into a new house, sign up for broadband with a big-name provider, typically one that sells a relabelled version of BT Openreach’s fibre packages, and then plug in the router they post us. Occasionally, someone signs up with Virgin Media instead. That’s about it. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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