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In the London of 37 Stores, 1 companies. The biggest: Travisperkins (37 stores).

Little Miss Burden review – trauma, whimsy and 90s girl-bands [09 12 2019 08:00:00]

Bunker, LondonMatilda Ibini’s autobiographical coming-of-age play mixes serious scenes with underpowered comedy sketchesLittle Miss Burden begins as a Jackanory-style story, narrated by two grating TV presenters, about a girl with a physical disability. They are stopped in their tracks when Little Miss herself enters in her wheelchair to stake a claim to the narration.Matilda Ibini’s autobiographical coming-of-age play dramatises the intersections of race, gender and disability. The point that stories of disability must be told by those with lived experience is robustly made: “We trust people to tell their own stories,” says Little Miss in the opening scene. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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