Post Offices opening times in London

In the London of 778 Offices, 4 companies. The biggest: Post Office (674 offices), Royal Mail Delivery Office (95 offices), Parcelforce Worldwide (8 offices) and DHL (1 office).

Alcohol industry 'puts pregnant women at risk', researchers say [14 10 2019 05:15:09]

Firms and bodies are casting doubt on health advice for expecting women to abstain from drinkingAlcohol firms and bodies they fund are encouraging women to drink in pregnancy – putting their unborn child in danger – by publishing false and misleading information about the risks involved, new research claims.The alcohol industry is ignoring scientific evidence as part of a drive to “nudge” mothers-to-be into drinking as part of a deliberate strategy to ensure women keep consuming their products because young people are turning away from them, researchers say. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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